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YOU GUYS!!!! The fridge is assuredly here!! Our long awaited fridge is here. A little back story. We ordered this fridge [HERE] before Christmas & waited about six weeks for it to be delivered [remember that if you are ordering one] It assuredly arrived & we weren’t quite ready for it in our kitchen so it sat in the garage until we painted the floors. I could hardly contain myself, but was patient. So the minute the floors were painted & ready.. we got an epic snowstorm. Our garage is not super close to the house… so we waited for the snow to die bottomward for us to carry it. Well, we got a nice day & we were assuredly ready to carry it in… so imagine us lining up, ready to carry the barbarian in, & realizing that because of the way the fridge is wrapped & it’s weight… yah, that’s not happening. I can’t really explain how abominably the fridge was wrapped, but we were under the consequence it was full wrapped & in a closed agenda box… come to find out it was in a loose allotment of agenda with no basal & no wrapping around the fridge. In fact there was a hole in the agenda and I could see the fridge completely through the hole. No bueno. Defeated, we alleged movers, & they came this past monday to bring it in. We had to accept help because since the fridge wasn’t protected on the basal [the door wraps around the basal & is still white underneath] once the movers best up the fridge they could not set it back bottomward which is something I’m not sure would be possible for just Jose and I. Well, the good news? They got the fridge in…. WE HAVE A FRIDGE IN OUR KITCHEN!! After a whole year… our kitchen is feeling somewhat anatomic again….

Smeg refrigerators usa

Smeg refrigerators usa

Blogger, Liz Marie, reviews the buying process for her Smeg Refrigerator, and provides an initial refrigerator review of her Smeg at first glance.

Smeg coffee accessories

The two things I want you to remember while reading this post and looking at the fridge, ignore the unfinished cabinets, and the fact that aback everything is finished, we will be pushing the fridge abutting to the cabinet. We ordered [This] Smeg fridge .The chase for a pretty fridge started aback I designed the kitchen with no high cabinets. Things were going great & again I realized… oh crap, our fridge will be fully exposed. I don’t know if you accept anytime noticed, but normal refrigerators are alone pretty on the front. The sides are usually a black and accept a weird texture. Also, a normal fridge sticks out way past cabinets, but looks normal because the fridge cove is built into the high cabinets so it all looks seamless & normal that it sticks out farther. Well, the additional you take away the high cabinets.. you are abrogation your fridge fully apparent on three sides & it looks a little funny aback the fridge sticks out farther than the cabinets. So, we went on the hunt for the perfect fridge with pretty sids & slim enough to fit our cabinets. Easier said than done! We looked at abounding fridges, but nothing fit all of our requirements quite like the Smeg. The alone requirement it didn’t fit? The budget… it was pretty pricey, but it was really our alone perfect option & I accept to say, after sacrificing a few other things in the kitchen, we bought the fridge & there are no regrets!! The fridge fits our kitchen perfectly, fits our design perfectly, fits our family perfectly, & is probably one of the dreamiest appliances I accept anytime seen & even better in person. THE ONE THING that makes me accept absolutely no regrets is the fact that we were able to keep our old fridge as  a additional fridge/freezer in our aback bonus room for extra storage & things for guests. If we didn’t accept a additional fridge/freezer I might be a little worried about sizing for aback our family grows. For us as a family of two this fridge is the perfect size, but here is a little info from Better Homes and Gardens (Link) on picking the right fridge size for you and your family…

Smeg range

Smeg range

News Smeg. Refrigerators, ovens, washing all Smeg appliances are the combination of technology, style and design.

Le Blog de T.BOUZIGE

In fact, you may have already learned this first-hand right afterwards a fresh kitchen installation or absolute refurbishment since oven manufacturers have the infuriating habit of answer each function in strings of cryptic letters and symbols aural their written instructions.



May 3, 2018 ... The Smeg oven symbols manual - what is the meaning of controls ... This goes double for SMEG – an Italian company whose oven manuals ...

Home Appliance & Lighting Blog

Love the frig.. we have no uppers either but we put two tall slim pantrys on each side of it so it was not out of place and covered the sides and custom made cubbies on each side of the pantrys to blend in with no uppers. I love how your kitchen is coming out. One of a kind! Thats what we have to. Love reading your blogs.



Aug 8, 2017 ... Exclusive to e&s in Victoria, Smeg's Linear Collection celebrates the first element of design – the 'line'. Effortlessly simple, balanced and ...

Introducing Smeg Linear

Ok, I hope you guys love our kitchen makeover advance with our new fridge… we are almost there!! Actually.. kind of far off. I need to save for a stove, finish the cabinets, accessorize, finish the spice cabinet, & a few other things… but we are making so much progress!! I also hope that if you were looking at a Smeg fridge that this helped you a tiny bit as well. Ok, let me know what you think!! I can’t wait to hear! Thank you SO MUCH for endlessly by the blog today & everyday to see what we are up to. xx

Smeg mixer

Smeg mixer

Jun 13, 2018 ... Smeg has introduced a set of high quality coffee accessories comprising a vacuum canister, compression tamper and mat, plus a milk frothing ...

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We can probably all agree that today, ovens are an basal piece of technology that no kitchen (or cook, for that matter) can live without. But while wiring these powerful pizza and cake factories to your power grid is a challenge in and of itself, your troubles are in no way over.



Smeg Sinks & Taps · Smeg Small Appliances · Smeg Uncategorized · Smeg Washers & Dryers · All Smeg Appliances. Looking to purchase cheap Smeg ...

OUR FRIDGE IS IN!! Smeg Refrigerator Review

Freezer space: A family of two needs 4 cubic anxiety of freezer space. Add 2 cubic anxiety for each additional person. Increase the freezer space if you stock frozen products or shop infrequently. Top and bottom freezers offer the most storage flexibility. Side-by-side models