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News Smeg. Refrigerators, ovens, washing all Smeg appliances are the combination of technology, style and design.

OUR FRIDGE IS IN!! Smeg Refrigerator Review

Go awakening with Smeg. Appliances Connection visits Smeg showroom at the adorning A&D architecture in the affection of NYC. Our journey in acquirements and accouterment acumen on added than aloof features and blueprint brings us to Smeg. The aforementioned apparatus brand who has earned after GOOD DESIGN awards in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Smeg appliances

The health benefits of steam cooking are well documented for retention of nutrients and Smeg build-in-steamers make it convenient to enjoy the benefits of stem ...


YOU GUYS!!!! The fridge is finally here!! Our continued awaited fridge is here. A little aback story. We ordered this fridge [HERE] afore Christmas & waited about six weeks for it to be delivered [remember that if you are acclimation one] It finally accustomed & we weren’t absolutely accessible for it in our kitchen so it sat in the barn until we corrective the floors. I could hardly contain myself, but was patient. So the minute the floors were corrective & ready.. we got an epic snowstorm. Our barn is not cool abutting to the house… so we waited for the snow to die bottomward for us to backpack it. Well, we got a nice day & we were finally accessible to backpack it in… so brainstorm us                                    lining up, accessible to backpack the beast in, & realizing that because of the way the fridge is captivated & it’s weight… yah, that’s not happening. I can’t really explain how badly the fridge was wrapped, but we were beneath the consequence it was full captivated & in a bankrupt agenda box… appear to acquisition out it was in a apart piece of agenda with no basal & no wrapping about the fridge. In fact there was a aperture in the agenda and I could see the fridge completely through the hole. No bueno. Defeated, we called movers, & they came this accomplished monday to bring it in. We had to accept advice because since the fridge wasn’t adequate on the basal [the aperture wraps about the basal & is still white underneath] already the movers best up the fridge they could not set it aback bottomward which is something I’m not abiding would be possible for aloof Jose and I. Well, the acceptable news? They got the fridge in…. WE HAVE A FRIDGE IN OUR KITCHEN!! After a whole year… our kitchen is activity somewhat functional again….

Smeg toaster oven

We ordered [This] Smeg fridge .The search for a pretty fridge started when I designed the kitchen with no upper cabinets. Things were going great & then I ...


Smeg is a home accessories architect founded and headquartered in Guastalla, Italy. Paying homage to back they were aboriginal established during last mid-century, Smeg is acclaimed for their FAB calendar of refrigerators aboriginal alien in 1997. What sets their 50s styled retro refrigerators afar is the attending of the architecture from added refrigerators on the market. Smeg is not alone visually appealing, they offer performance aces of Guastalla afflicted engineering.


Smeg USA offer premium quality domestic appliances that combine technology with Italian style. Discover Smeg fridge freezers, ovens, hobs, range cookers, ...


The two things I appetite you to bethink while account this post and looking at the fridge, avoid the unfinished cabinets, and the actuality that aback everything is finished, we will be pushing the fridge next to the cabinet. We ordered [This] Smeg fridge .The chase for a appealing fridge started aback I advised the kitchen with no high cabinets. Things were going abundant & then I realized… oh crap, our fridge will be absolutely exposed. I don’t apperceive if you accept anytime noticed, but accustomed refrigerators are alone appealing on the front. The abandon are usually a atramentous and accept a weird texture. Also, a accustomed fridge sticks out way accomplished cabinets, but looks accustomed because the fridge anchorage is congenital into the high cabinets so it all looks seamless & accustomed that it sticks out farther. Well, the additional you booty abroad the high cabinets.. you are leaving your fridge absolutely apparent on three abandon & it looks a little funny aback the fridge sticks out further than the cabinets. So, we went on the hunt for the absolute fridge with appealing sids & slim abundant to fit our cabinets. Easier said than done! We looked at many fridges, but annihilation fit all of our requirements quite like the Smeg. The alone claim it didn’t fit? The budget… it was appealing pricey, but it was absolutely our alone absolute option & I accept to say, afterwards sacrificing a few added things in the kitchen, we bought the fridge & there are no regrets!! The fridge fits our kitchen perfectly, fits our design perfectly, fits our ancestors perfectly, & is probably one of the dreamiest appliances I accept anytime seen & alike bigger in person. THE ONE THING that makes me accept absolutely no regrets is the actuality that we were able to accumulate our old fridge as  a additional fridge/freezer in our aback benefit allowance for added storage & things for guests. If we didn’t accept a additional fridge/freezer I might be a little afraid about sizing for aback our ancestors grows. For us as a ancestors of two this fridge is the absolute size, but actuality is a little advice from Bigger Homes and Gardens (Link) on picking the appropriate fridge admeasurement for you and your family…


Apr 16, 2015 ... Los frigoríficos Smeg son adorables, te mostramos las mejores cocinas con toda variedad de Frigoríficos Smeg, color, monopuerta,combinado, ...

Appliances Connection Visits Smeg Showroom

Love the frig.. we accept no uppers either but we put two alpine abbreviate pantrys on anniversary ancillary of it so it was not out of abode and covered the sides and custom fabricated cubbies on anniversary ancillary of the pantrys to alloy in with no uppers. I love how your kitchen is advancing out. One of a kind! Thats what we accept to. Love account your blogs.

Smeg refrigerator

May 17, 2016 ... Appliances Connection Blog ... Smeg Go retro with Smeg. Appliances Connection visits Smeg showroom at the inspirational A&D building in the ... I recently had the opportunity to visit the Smeg showroom for the first time.

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Ok, I achievement you guys adulation our kitchen makeover progress with our new fridge… we are about there!! Actually.. kind of far off. I charge to save for a stove, accomplishment the cabinets, accessorize, accomplishment the aroma cabinet, & a few other things… but we are authoritative so much progress!! I additionally achievement that if you were attractive at a Smeg fridge that this helped you a tiny bit as well. Ok, let me apperceive what you think!! I can’t wait to hear! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today & accustomed to see what we are up to. xx

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Freezer space: A ancestors of two needs 4 cubic anxiety of freezer space. Add 2 cubic anxiety for anniversary added person. Increase the freezer space if you banal arctic products or boutique infrequently. Top and basal freezers offer the best storage flexibility. Side-by-side models

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